Statue of Confucius

About Confucius

Introduction: If you think about Quotes, then you have to refer Greece. That country has more scholars like Socrates, Aristotle, Plateau and they have teached the entire world with their powerful quotes. Other countries also had equal contributors in the field. If India gave Thiruvalluvar, China has given Confucius. Those days, there was a proverb […]

Cashland Launches Luxury Basics, A Premium Collection of Casual Chic Wear for Comfort and Class

Last 20th of May, 2016 saw the official online launch of CASHLAND, a clothing store specializing in pieces made from high quality North American fabric. Established in 2001, Cashland’s premium collection, Luxury Basics, aptly summarizes the brand’s special blend of casual exclusivity – select designs made from high quality textiles to maximize comfort and durability […]